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CD  Talis Kimberley : 'The Hearth and The Hive'
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Her new CD after a long (media-wise) hiatus.

1. Kitchen Heroes - The bread\'s rising, the wine\'s brewing and with Elizabeth David and Oliver Postgate beside us, we can be ready for anything. (And how many of the questions in this song can you answer?)
2. Cassandra - She\'s still telling it like it is, but are we any more ready to hear her than the Trojans were?
3. Jonathan\'s Coffeehouse - \"Why do I want to put a song about the Stock Exchange on this CD?\" said Talis, sounding puzzled. Next month, Lehman Brothers fell. \"Ah, THAT\'S why you want to put a song about the Stock Exchange on this CD!\" we all replied.
4. Time and Tide - If you think you know what the song is about, try turning it through right angles and looking again. Ooooooh....
5. When I Was a Mermaid - \"That\'s you\", said Talis\' daughter, pointing to the Waterhouse Mermaid picture they\'d found, \"That\'s you when you were a mermaid\".
6. Ladybird Year - The faces may be black and white, but the memories are in colour.
7. Jam Tomorrow - The Red Queen and Talis - neither of them very happy about how things are going.
8. My Lady of the Underpass - There was a stain on the underpass wall somewhere in Chicago. Some folk looked at it and saw a stain on the wall. Some saw an image of Mary. Did their prayers and candles, then, make the place holy?
9. Vitruvian Man - Leonardo da Vinci - the last living man to know everything. He\'d probably be surprised by where we are now. And even more surprised by where we will be in 100 years\' time.
10. Wolf At Your Door - Yeah. Let\'s all wait for someone else to fix the world. That\'ll work, right?
11. World\'s End - A village. A home. A refuge. A place worth protecting when the time comes.
12. Blackthorn Winter - In the cold of winter, silence and pain surround us. But seasons turn.

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